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Urgent: REST API calls failing with Error Code : 502 Error Message : Bad Gateway

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Hi Shopify API team

Suddenly around 16 stores that use our app ran into this issue. This is the count so far.. there could be many more as they manifest.

Usually retrying the api request after some time fixes it but today it keeps failing even after an hour

Since we need to send them their daily reports this is urgent for us.


API version  : 2020-10

Attaching request ids below :

X-Request-ID: 5f33c0c9-f6da-4af9-a443-32932b28aaa4

X-Request-ID: b526fc2b-6b15-46b9-9faa-8f72a08c484d

X-Request-ID: fe524623-65dc-47ce-91dd-7f554641e86c

X-Request-ID: db87f7d7-51e6-42b1-9228-a687c19e18d4

X-Request-ID: d5cc4242-58ba-4bc6-9ce2-b61ad6441112

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Shopify Partner
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Issue is resolved now on its own. 

We had to do a lot of retries from our end. 

Would appreciate if Shopify API team shed some light on what happened

Right now we don't know why it happened, will it happen again and if any steps have been taken to prevent this from happening again.