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My Upcoming app has a usage charge of $ 0.1 /per store order now I am confused about when the usage charge I will create?
Is it okay if I create a usage charge when a store will receive a order because 0.1 $ very less amount so suppose one merchant has 4000 orders per month is they can see 4000 bill? order total usage charge they can view?  BECAUSE I AM VERY CONSCIOUS ABOUT MERCHANT EXPERIENCES


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Hey @Nakuldas 

So you'd need to set the capped amount and terms of the usage with the appSubscriptionCreate mutation (docs).

With this, you'll be able to set the maximum amount of usage the merchant is billed for within the Shopify 30-day billing cycle. Hope that helps!

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You are not getting my point ! 
I am asking that maximum how many times I can create usage charge within 30 billing period .
Suppose there are two scenarios.

suppose my capped amount 100$
1) can I generate a 1000 times usage charge by using 0.1$ usage price?
2) can I generate a 10000 times usage charge by using 0.01$ usage price?
is the above two scenarios is acceptable?
is I can generate any usage charge by using any usage price until my capped amount?


  "usage_charge": {
    "id": 1034618207,
    "description": "Super Mega Plan 1000 emails",
    "price": "1.00",
    "created_at": "2021-07-01T14:05:31-04:00",
    "billing_on": "2018-09-04",
    "balance_used": 0.7,
    "balance_remaining": 99.3,
    "risk_level": 0

 According to the above response is "balance_remaining", "balance_used": will reset after 30 days?