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Use cases for one fulfillment with multiple fulfillment orders

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Hello, I'm working on a fulfillment service app and noticed in the graphql docs that fulfillment entity can have multiple fulfillment orders. But at the same time each fulfillment belongs to 1 order and 1 fulfillment service/location, and line items from an order are grouped by location into 1 fulfillment order. Hence the question: how is it possible to have several fulfillment orders inside a single order for single shipping location, and even more so - to have a single fulfillment created for all/some of them?

I suppose this may happen due to:

  • stock issues (e.g. 4 items were ordered, but only 3 available at the moment, and after restock 1 more was requested)
  • order updates (e.g. "Item1" was ordered and later "Item2" was added)

But I'd like to know for sure if this is the case, and how often do situations like this occur

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