UserCharge or ApplicationCharge

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Hello everyone!
We're a cashback service and we have to provide users with their cashback after purchases with integrated stores from Shopify
We have our own service and Shopify app. When users install the application in our service, a store is created, after which users of our service can go to the page of this store, make purchases and receive cashback. By installing the application advertiser indicates the % of cashback, which he is willing to return to the user for purchases.
After our users make a purchase, we need to bill Advertiser for the payment of the cashback (for example Advertiser has specified 5% cashback in the app settings. The user purchased $100 worth of items. We need to bill the Advertiser for $5).
We are currently using ApplicationCharge for this purpose ( This method was advised to us by Shopify's support earlier. The last time we contacted support they told us to try UsageCharge (
Can somebody please advise which method is more suitable for our problem? Thanks!