Using App Bridge 2, Showing Message 'Embedded App SDK (EASDK) or its backwards compatibility layer'

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I have a Rails app running with App Bridge 2.0, however I am still seeing the following warning message on the Partner dashboard for dev, staging and production deployments:

Your app has been detected as using the Embedded App SDK (EASDK) or its backwards compatibility layer, which will be removed from Shopify on Jan 1, 2022. 

I would like to know how often apps are scanned/refreshed in terms of displaying the above validation message.

I am also wondering whether the 'allow_cookie_authentication' setting set to true could be considering the backwards compatibility layer, causing the warning to still show?

config.allow_jwt_authentication = true
config.allow_cookie_authentication = true



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Hi @onspruce. How are you?

I'm Olavo from Shopify. Thank you for reaching out.

I have a couple of question to better understand your issue. Are you currently transitioning your app from EASDK? This message is shown if your application has used EASDK in the past 30 days. Once your app is fully migrated and the 30 days have passed, this warning should be gone.

In regards to the `allow_cookie_authentication`, it's not really related to the warning. What I'd suggest with this, though, is that you should aim to only keep the `allow_jwt_authentication` set to true eventually. Keeping both of them toggled on should be a transitional stage while you're migrating into the session token auth method.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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Hi @olavoasantos 

I've turned my app from an embedded app to a standalone app. After that, I've removed EASDK. But I'm having this message for a long time. I guess I don't remove the endpoint URLs and I occasionally revisit the previous version for reference. 

I would like to know if there is a demotion or moving off-the-shelf action from Shopify. 

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