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OK, so here is my situation...

Our store (like many I am sure) sells to both retail/commercial customers as well as direct to consumers. When a customer account is created and stored it is indexed and then displayed in the admin panel /admin/customers/ by "Name" (First Name and Last Name of the individual). This is fine for our individual consumers, but it is NOT good for our commercial/retail customers.

Additional Info:
I tag customers appropriately as "consumer" or "commercial" and use the app Lockdown to restrict a collection of products only for our commercial customers.

Is there a way to display the commercial customers in the /admin/customers/ page by their "Company" field vs. "Name"?

OR... Can/should I create custom account registration form that replaces/uses the "Name" field with the "Company" field only for commercial customers?

Any thoughts on how to accomplish this would be GREATLY appreciated!!


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I'm in the same boat. My customer needs to quickly see which company his customers are from on the "/admin/customers" page without deep diving into each customer a column for this value would be a wonderful solution. 

Any insights out there would be vastly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance!

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@Anthony_Underwo I realize this is an old thread, but the Customer Fields app is a great solution for this. You can ask for the customer's company name during registration and easily see company name in the app's customer directory, which offers advanced filters & segmentation compared to /admin/customers. (The data is also saved to Shopify metafields which allows you to use it in more places if necessary). 🙂

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