Using Rest Admin API (customer send_invite) selecting Languages

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I have a store in a certain language. When customer registers in my store we send an activation email in the language the user has been visiting my store. (I thinks it’s default in Shopify).

But when I use rest admin api with send invite endpoint ( the email that customer receives is in the default languege of the store (In this case, Spanish).

Is there any way to send invite in specific language? (For example, i don’t know, add any tag or any attribute when create customer for select customer language or any thing some like this)

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Hey @nildorado 

We do have the translations API in GraphQL(docs)  that would translate email templates  It's not available in REST just now though - we don't have an ETA of when it would be available in REST, but I do note it's been requested by partners to be available in REST and have made this known to the Translations team. Hope that helps!

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Hi @L_J_K,Thanks for answer.
I used traslation API (with GraphQL) for translate all of items of my store (products, emails, pages etc...) . I have translated all temaplate emails in 4 languages (French, Italian, English and Portuguese).

This did it before do the first question.If customer register in my store using the shopify web, the language of activation email that shopify send is the same of customer used when navigate of my store. (All of this is correct).

But i need another thing. For example:

I have a landing page outside of Shopify web where I use for register new customers. When user register in landing page i use Shopify API for create customer and later send invite email using this Shopify API. When use the shopify API for send invite email the emails allways is in default store language. Can I change this behaevor? Can I select language of invite email with any parameter in customer creation or using another API?Thanks for all.

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Looking for this too. Also for draft order invoices, those are always sent in shop's default locale. I wasn't able to find any hint to specify a locale when sending an invoice (neither REST or GraphQL).