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Video URL Mismatch

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I have successfully completed the steps described in (created an upload URL, uploaded the video and linked the video to a product).

After the video was uploaded I used to check the status of the video. I made sure that the video was in ready status.

After this i got the originalsource url for the video using the graphql api. Here I got a cdn video url (video size - 312mb)

After this I went online to check the video on the actual store. I was checking the video on the store page. However I found that on the actual store page the url of the video is completely different and also the size of the video on the store is 2.2mb. 

Url received through get media -

Url received through ui - 

So basically wanted to know why the url which i get from get media completely different from the one i see in UI?


Note this is for a private development store.

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