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Viewing timestamps of theme file changes with Admin API

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I'm trying to use the Admin API to view or compile a list of timestamped changes to any given theme file.

I've found a way to fetch previous versions of files by passing the version number as a parameter in the asset request, but the 'updated_at' value for every previous version is the same- it's a timestamp of only the most recent change to the file. So I'm able to see the changes made to each version, but without knowing when those changes occurred, I'm unable to move forward with this project.

Ideally, I'd like to hit a single endpoint and receive data similar to what's provided in the "Older Versions" dropdown of Shopify's on-page code editor. It's a list of version numbers and timestamps grouped together. The endpoint used on that page to fetch that information returns 403 Forbidden errors in my app, though. 

Is anyone aware of alternative methods of gathering timestamped historical changes to theme files?

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I'm looking for the same information. Were you ever able to solve this?