VSCode syntax checking not working for shopify-cli app?

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I recently created a shopify-cli app. The app itself seems to be working fine, but for some reason, I cannot get get syntax checking to work with it.

If I open other projects (not shopify), syntax checking works. I get red underlining on lines that have syntax errors.

But for the shopify-cli app, this does not work. I get syntax coloring, IntelliSense completion, I can even navigate with "Find References", but the syntax checks don't work

I use both ESLINT and Prettier. So far what I do is check the Prettier log window and try to find the error from there, but this is tedious.

I use VSCode on Windows. I tried creating the app from inside WSL and from a windows install of Ruby. In both cases, when I open the app, everything works except syntax checking.

ESLINT is enabled and says "ESLINT server started" but doesn't do more than that.

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Hey @hjf2011 

Thanks for raising this! The best place to raise this would be the Shopify CLI repo directly, as the Developers who work on the CLI will be see this. Many thanks.

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