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Webhooks Issue

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We have an issue where multiple webhooks are executing concurrently and causing some undesirable effects. So can you tell us if

1) it is possible to add delay between two webhooks being triggered on Shopify, e.g. orders/create  and orders/paid webhooks

2) If not, do you have any suggestions for how to prevent the second webhook from processing unless the first has completed, i.e guarantee synchronous execution of multiple webhooks


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Try adding it to a messaging queue:

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I was looking first to see if there is something that we can do on the Shopify end to address it.

If not then we would have to handle it on our end. We already have a queue, but the queue is serviced by multiple workers and hence the concurrency issue.

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Any idea how to pass paramters to a webhhok URL using the Shopify Panel. I want to call a thirdparty API and send just the order number as a paramters on order creation event