Weird issue with saving a simple product using the python sdk

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I got an issue following the basic steps for using the API with a private app.

Below is a piece of my code


    def __get_session_for_shop(self):
        shop_url = u'' % (self.config.api_key,
        return shopify.Shop.current()

    # Create product
    def create_product(self, product):
        # If we got permission to create a product
        if self.__valid_request():
            print("We can create a product")
            if ('gtin' in product and shopify.Product.exists(product['gtin'])) or ('GTIN' in product and shopify.Product.exists(product['GTIN'])):
                shop = self.__get_session_for_shop()
                new_product = shopify.Product()
                new_product.title = "Name of the product"
                #new_product.handle = "The URL slug of the product"
                #new_product.product_type = "Category of the product"
                #new_product.body_html = "Description of the product"
                #new_product.vendor = "The Manufacturer of the product"
                #new_product.metafields_global_title_tag = "The meta title"
                #new_product.metafields_global_description_tag = "The description meta"
                #new_product.options = self.__get_options(product)
                #new_product.variants = self.__get_variants(product, new_product.options)
                saved_successfully =
                if not saved_successfully:
                    print("Failed at creating")

When i try to save the product i get an issue where it can't parse the port correctly on the url (that little documentation there is, says nothing about a port being specified?)


InvalidURL at /api/v1/products/

nonnumeric port: ''


If i add a :80 to the shop url then i just get another error:


UnicodeError at /api/v1/products/

encoding with 'idna' codec failed (UnicodeError: label empty or too long)


What am i doing wrong ??


The error happens at

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Seems i cant remove this myself - can an admin move this to 

Shopify APIs & SDKs?

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi @steffenmande,


It sounds like you may be experiencing the issue highlighted in this issue. Can you give this a read over, especially the section at the bottom highlighting a workaround, and let me know if you continue to experience this issue?



Andrew | Shopify 
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Ended up working on a public app instead. So code is fully redone for that.


The workaround works though

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@steffenmande  i have same issue with Shopify app  please post your solution 

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Hi @AvidBrio,


I'm not really sure about this but I've tried it with the id and it worked, just calling it for some reason made the save return true.

from the docs(😞

product = shopify.Product()
product.title = "Shopify Logo T-Shirt"                          # => 292082188312                      # => True
shopify.Product.exists(  # => True
product = shopify.Product.find(292082188312)
# Resource holding our newly created Product object
# Inspect attributes with product.attributes
product.price = 19.99                      # => True