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What do you call it? "Subscription" or "recurring application charge"?

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Hi fellow developers,

The pricing model for my app is per-use usage charge only, $0 recurring application charge, using the terms in the API.

My question is: What term(s) do you use for the merchant facing aspect of your app? ie. What term do you think merchants understand most clearly?

  1. "Recurring application charge" is a mouthfull, but accurate.
  2. "Subscription" - I think is easier to understand.
    • It can be confused with this kind subscription, so perhaps it should be called "App subscription"

Shopify's bill overview uses "subscription" to refer to the store's Shopify subscription plan;  for "app charges", it splits it into

  • "recurring charges/fees"
  • "recurring application fees"
  • "usage charges/fees"

which adds to the inconsistency. Perhaps I'm not fully understanding something here, but anyway ... which do you use?

  1. "Recurring application charge"
  2. "Subscription" or "App subscription"
  3. something else

TIA for your answer.

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