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What exactly are calls to for?

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I am currently trying to understand the Shopify API to create better solutions for my shops and came across the url several times during a checkout process. The calls didn't return any data, data was just sent out. Is this some kind of tracking or what is it the functionality of these requests?


Thanks a lot!

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Same. I would like to know as well!

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No idea. I actually have had my anti-virus block this about 4 times and was trying to figure out what it was.

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In my app its POSTing on all interface clicks. It's sending this kind of payload:
  payload: {
    action: "APP::TITLEBAR::UPDATE"
    app_id: 341XX
    client_interface_name: "@shopify/app-bridge-react"
    client_interface_version: "1.14.0"
    interface_name: "@shopify/app-bridge"
    interface_version: "1.14.0"
    locale: "en-NL"
    shop_id: 2885XXX
    user_id: 400XXX
  schema_id: "app_bridge_actions/2.0"

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Did anyone find out what this is please? I am seeing it on one of my customers sites as well as this URL

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What I see it´s some kind of controller/analytic script for Shopify to have inner control over their clients. A script to watch users' stats and so on. The script bounces information back to Ottawa city to Shopify cloud and goes thru a proxy. 

Well, this is what I found 🙂