What payout's adjustments_fee_amount actually means?

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I would like to ask about adjustments_fee_amount present on the payout field in a GET Return, a single payout response.

We are receiving the following data

  "id": 80483287192,
  "status": "paid",
  "date": "2021-09-20",
  "currency": "USD",
  "amount": "4512.05",
  "summary": {
    "adjustments_fee_amount": "-15.00",
    "adjustments_gross_amount": "92.39",
    "charges_fee_amount": "197.22",
    "charges_gross_amount": "4883.43",
    "refunds_fee_amount": "0.00",
    "refunds_gross_amount": "-281.55",
    "reserved_funds_fee_amount": "0.00",
    "reserved_funds_gross_amount": "0.00",
    "retried_payouts_fee_amount": "0.00",
    "retried_payouts_gross_amount": "0.00"

And we don't know what this field exactly means and how to handle it. Hence, we want to ask. What is the real-world use case for that, so we can expect this field to be different from zero?

I tried to find it in the documentation, but this part seems to be not really explained. Could you please give us some examples and explanations?
I will appreciate it so much because we could use it then for the benefit of our customers.


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Hey @amdev,  

I pulled up our GraphQL documentation for you here ShopifyPaymentsPayoutSummary - it offers a bit more granularity with a short description for each data field - Cheers!

awwdam | API Support @ Shopify
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