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What Promotion ID is shopify sending to google merchant center

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Hi Partners and Developers


Does anyone know much about the API feed for the google sales channel?

Specifically for merchant center promotions.

When creating promotions in merchant center they keep getting disapproved with this notification:

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 1.06.02 pm.png

SKU's keep getting disapproved and the promotion doesn't show on the shopping ads.

I am wondering if shopify sends any data to the [promotion_id] attribute.


Thanks for any help.

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The promotion ID is only required if the promotion applies to only a selected subset of products.

The free shopping app, does not have a promotion id attribute available. However you could add the promotion value in custom label 0

Then in Google Merchant Center go to Products > Feeds > click on the feed > feed rules > create a rule for promotion_id and select set to and choose custom label 0

If you don't want to do these steps, change your data feed solution to something that allow you to add promotion id values.

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