Where do I find the SHARED_SECRET when using Application Proxies?

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Got a Shopify question, I’m following along here (https://help.shopify.com/api/tutorials/application-proxies) and I got to the “Security: Calculate a digital signature” section then hit a wall…

1. If you are verifying a typical webhook from Shopify you can see the Shared Secret at the bottom of the Notifications section of the admin. Does anyone know where to find this SHARED_SECRET when you are doing a application proxy? I can’t seem to find any documentation on it. In the docs listed here it just uses `hush` which is obviously wrong.

2. Anyone know of a good place for a Node.js version of the Ruby code example form the Shopify docs? thx

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For anyone stumbling upon this, the shared secret is the one in the app itself. This is the one used in conjuction with a Application Proxy.

Partners > Apps > App > App Info > API secret key

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I am completely confused with finding SHARED SECRET? I am trying to link StockSync to my drop shipper website. I'm confused because it wants me to enter my Shopify API and then a SHARED SECRET... Firstly, do I need a shared secret from Shopify or from Stocksync? Also, I did reach out to Shopify help and was instructed to find the SHARED SECRET at the bottom of notifications. It's not there! Instead, it say's, "you haven't created any webhooks yet". My question is, (Shopify support as wonderful as they are seems to also be unclear as to how to do this) do I have to create a webhook to get a shared secret so I can link up Shopify, StockSync, and my Drop shipper? If so, how do I do this? 

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Did you ever get any help for this?


An email app I am trying to integrate with shopify is asking for API Key, API Secret and Shared Secret. I have the first two but not the last. Shopify please help. Where do I get the shared secret when adding a custom app to my store from the shopify apps section?