12 months' of discounts after buying a membership?

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What I would like to implement on my store is the following workflow:
1) Customer buys a "VIP membership".
2) For the next X months, while that customer is logged on to the store, they see (and buy) products discounted by Y%.

Ideally, they can bgy the membership and have the products discounted at the same time in the cart. For instance, if the membership costs £50, gives them a 10% discount, and they are buying a £1000 bike, then getting the membership at the same time will be a no-brainer because it will save them £50 (£1000 vs. £950 (£1000 bike - 10% + £50 membership fee). So even if they never take advantage of their membership again, they will still have saved money.

It seems like there are lots of pricing and membership apps out there with much more sophisticated use cases than this, but I haven't yet found an app or combination of apps which offer this - what I would imagine to be - very useful feature for a number of shops. The best candidate I've seen so far is a combination of Bold Apps' "Customer Pricing" and "Recurring Memberships" apps. 

However, my dream is something much simpler than rmultiple pricing tiers and recurring credit card payments: e.g.
1) The customer buys a special "membership" product which causes their account to be tagged as a VIP.
2) From then on they get VIP pricing until their membership expires. (At which count they can simply buy another membership if they want to keep getting discounted pricing).

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Many thanks in advance and Happy New Year everybody!

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I'm in the EXACT same scenario - did you ever manage to find a simple solution for this?

I created a tag in the Shopify Customer for the membership, but I can't get that tag to show up on the Customer in the POS (so the rep can see it as they process a payment) or on the Online Store (in their account information)



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I need the same. Has anyone found - solution?
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Where can we find the answers to a forum question?

I need the same as John_Hamlen. I want my customers to be able to buy a specific Shipping option that is good for a year, and have the system recognized it for 12 months. Any help?