3 stage development process for Shopify App

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I'm interested in establishing a 3 stage deployment process, where I do my normal development using a dev-store with app-bridge to my local machine. That's working great. I need a stage between this and the actual live released version of my app which customers are using (call it beta, gamma, uat, whatever). How can I do this? If I change my app URLs in the partner dashboard, I can get my dev-store to use my beta version, but it seems like all instances of my app use that version. Then as soon as I run `npm run dev` on my desktop, it automagically updates the app details in Shopify-Partners to the latest `trycloudflare.com` domain, which then points ALL my dev account stores to that URL... (I'm really hoping this only affects dev-stores and not live-stores).


How can I have one dev-account pointing to my local dev (`npm run dev`) and one account pointing to my beta-server (myapp-gamma.example.com) and then finally my production app which all live merchants would use (myapp.example.com)?


I've tried searching for this and it seems like this isn't possible. It feels like it's way too easy to nuke your live app by simply running `npm run dev` on your local machine.

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