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Hi everyone! I'm Michael from Helium, makers of the Customer Fields app for Shopify. Today we are celebrating review #200 as we come near to the app's 5 year anniversary on the Shopify App Store. 🎉


Customer Fields was built on two simple ideas:

1) You should be able to easily add fields to the customer registration form

2) After customers create an account, they should be able to edit their profile


It's been no joke maintaining a 4.9 average customer rating, but about 10 days ago we released the app's biggest update ever that takes these ideas to the next level.


We've made it easier than ever to add custom fields to your registration forms and install it on your site. We've also added the ability to create unique forms for different types of customers (ie: retail & wholesale) and use conditional logic to customize your form (ie: show different fields to logged in customers or to men vs. women, tag customers based on their answers, etc, etc.). And that's just the start! We've got a lot more great stuff in the works.

On behalf of the team here at Helium, I simply want to express my gratitude to all of you, the Shopify Community and our ~3000 app users, and wish you all a Merry Christmas! The future is bright!

If you're a CF user, say 'hey' in the comments! 🎅🏻

Michael, COO @ Helium
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That would be great @michael-helium 


We just released our app LayoutHub, an Easy Page Builder in 12 days ago and currently has 4 ratings.





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Congratulations on your success, with your effort I think you deserve it. Cheer 🙂

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Quick update! After 2 fabulous years at Helium, I've moved onto a new venture with Skafos.ai! 🎉 

You can find the Skafos Product Finder featured on the app store this week (July 7-13).

I look forward to keep serving this community in a new role 🙌 

Michael, Growth & Partnerships @ Skafos.ai (Formerly, Helium)
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