5 Reasons Why I Launched Shopify Inventory Management App

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There are around 4000 Shopify apps and yet, reading reviews of inventory management apps made me realize that there is still a need for an app that knows Etsy's bits and bytes.

It's not enough to sync inventory "As Is", you can encounter with strange behaviors like :

  1. Variation images deleted on Etsy when updating the inventory.

  2. Etsy quantity can not be set to zero as Shopify

  3. Etsy variation layout can be more flexible than Shopify variation structure.

  4. SKUs may appear more than once in Shopify or Etsy and we should verify that all the duplicate SKUs are updated (For example t-shirt that displayed in Men category and Women category)

  5. Missing real time dashboard where you can view Etsy inventory side by side with Shopify inventory

I'm happy with the results and looking forward to enhancing new capabilities.
Feel free to try the app and let me know your thoughts and insights.
It's FREE for you to try https://apps.shopify.com/shopupz-inventory

Would LOVE to get your feedback:-)


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if edit option is still not locked definitely want to put etsy in the title, and get it within the first 20 words so merchants searching the forums for "etsy" see it easier.


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Thanks for your insights, but it won't let me edit the title