72hours: Your Passport to Global Beauty Success 🌍✨

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main_2_img.png🌟 72hours: Your Global Partner for Korean Beauty Brands 🌟


Enter the global market with confidence with 72hours! Elevate your beauty business to new heights.


💼 With over 40 premium brands onboard, 72hours is the platform where you can conveniently select and swiftly receive the products you desire. Check out our brand list to explore our partners.


🤝 Simply join us, and unlock opportunities to meet with your brand partners! Sellers and distributors bear no risk, and through meetings with brands, forge better collaborations.


🎁 Once meetings are set, receive complimentary test products from partner brands! These samples provide you with the chance to experience and verify the quality firsthand.


🚀 Take the first step towards a successful global beauty business today! Grow your brand with 72hours.

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