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We have a public app in Shopify app store.  From time to time, customer's ask us a question via the Shopify interface. 

When this happens you will receive a message like this via email:


Great, no problem.  Let's click the button to help this merchant:


Ok, no problem!




But wait, what store do you want?  In this list every test store and every store your login has been granted access to is displayed.  I suspect for most semi-successful developers this will return a list of many stores.  Ok, so pick an account... and now you are back to login screen...




After multiple attempts you can finally land in an inbox, but it's empty with no requests from customers:




Shopify, please create a more reliable and seamless process for providing end merchant supports for our apps.  This experience is not a good look for either of us.

(As a side note, it would be far better to push merchants to standard support channels offered by app developers, instead of being forced to use Shopify's Inbox system as an option.  Most app developers have support infrastructure in place to deliver high customer service levels, and creating another "bucket" of support requests outside traditional channels, is not ideal.  Perhaps, give app developers the option to use Shopify Inbox, or their standard support channels, or both).

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