A Shopify App idea about social media posts, just like Amazon Posts.

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Hi there, I am a product designer and engineer, I have developed an App about product customizer and released it some days ago (OK Product Personalizer). Now I plan to develop more Apps on Shopify App store, looking forward to make money from my work.


I know I have to find out some pain points and give a solution to fix them, there are so many apps on Shopify store, every category or topic has lots of Apps, really hot competition. Someone tell me that I can choose a topic, do some research about the Apps, think about what I can do better: price, function or user experence?


Honestly, I don't have much confidence to do better. Recently, I am always thinking what's my core competion on developing app for merchants? Whether I can do some innovation?


Right now, I have an idea about social media posts, I know that Amazon has a function named "Amazon Posts" for merchants, it allowed merchants to tell brand story by post images, videos or some other contents, the post could be link to products. On Shopify store, the merchants can post an article to tell stories and do SEO. I am thinking if it is possible enable merchants to do a light post, just write a twitter or post images on Instragram. The form of App is just like Amazon Posts (https://advertising.amazon.com/solutions/products/posts), I have searched on the Shopify App store, but not find the similar apps, I am comfused why there is no parter to develop this kind of app, is it no demand or pain point? 


So I write this subject, could anyone want to discuss?


Thank you for your kindness

Best wishes

Tristan Ng

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