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AB Testing Options for Shopify Variants

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I know there are several apps out there that allow you to AB test prices, photos, descriptions on a product page. But is there an app (or a way) to show/hide certain shopify variants as well? An example of something we are looking to test is:

Option A:
Coaster Set (starts at $10)
variants: Oak, Walnut (+$5), Pine (+$10)
Option B:
Coaster Set (starts at $15)
variants: Walnut, Pine (+$5)
So on Option B, we would remove the oak (cheapest) variant and as a result the product would start at a higher price, but the cost of a walnut or pine coaster would be the same across both products.
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If the product has 1 option, it should be fairly easy to hide certain variants by assigning those variants to some metafield and reading the metafield in the liquid file.

When there are 2 or 3 options, it gets complicated and you'll need Javascript to handle it.

If you're looking for an app: our Camouflage app can hide any variant you like from product pages.

Camouflage - Hide sold out variants: