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Currently, we are consulting with clients about selling online tour videos for overseas markets. What we want to achieve is the following.

・ Ideal system like peatix

・ There is a member page where you can watch the videos you purchased.

・ Live delivery at a specified time is possible (mast)

・ With chat function

・ Multilingual and multi-currency support

I conducted my own research and found the following.

・ Digital Downloads is a form of sending a link by e-mail, so it is NG

・ The same applies to sendowl. You can display the video link after purchase, but it is NG because it can not support live distribution and you can not jump to the member page

・ I suggested that SkyPilot could handle it, but I don't really like the design of the member page. -The live chat function cannot be used during live distribution on Sky pilot. (Client will be delivered on Vimeo)

I think SkyPilot can handle mere streaming distribution, but I felt that there was a limit to live chat and live distribution surveys. (SkyPilot was made into a paid plan and actually integrated with Vimeo to confirm the implementation.)

Create a member page like Peatix using Shopify, and live stream and live chat on that page (for example, sell the content in advance and watch it from the member page on the day of April 10th at 20:00 Japan time) Is it possible?

If you use Shopify, will the link be sent by email or PDF?

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Not sure if this will be the right platform, as it is more DTC focused - But it is called Plaza www.useplaza.com 

They fully integrate into your store and pull all products to create a branded store within like 5 minutes.

So good!