About multi-currency functions.

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Hello. I have a question about the multi-currency Functions

I'm developing my site. when I select an option (variables) with a Yen price, It didn't work well( JPY *options ⇒ $*product price)
I would like to know how to solve this problem , or Is there any appropriate measures against this problem?

【Composition of Shopify】
Theme : Debut
Multilingual Multicurrency App : Langshop
App to add options : Dynamic Product Options * as this products have  more than 4 options

【Guess the cause of the problem】
 Because I don't use the default options  (product prices are not set statically).
 For example, when you go to the product detail page or click the currency switch button, the currency conversion is done first, and then the option (variable) price is directly incorporated into the product prices.

【Action under consideration】
Change the $ notation to yen notation.
Forcing only ¥ to be displayed in the product page.


I'd very grateful if you could help me. 

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