Add a spreadsheet-type thing to bulk order form for customization

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Hi all. My site has a bulk order page where people can just purchase the total number of shirts they want, and then I have them fill out a copy of my google spreadsheet and email it to me. I'm getting a lot of issues where people don't fill it out properly, or use the spreadsheet they saved from last year's order (and colors may have changed, etc), or they send it without sharing it properly, etc. So I end up having to go back and forth with the customer to get things corrected. It's fine, but it's taking time that I'd rather use elsewhere. So I'm wondering if there is a way that I could integrate a spreadsheet into the actual order form so they can do it right there on the site and it'll send the info with the order. 


Some more specific details so you know what I'm shooting for. These are group shirt orders, and they can order the total number of shirts and any added "logo embellishments" like color or glitter. But I need to gather shirt colors/sizes, logos, what color the embellishment is, and any other notes they need to share. It takes too much time for them to enter each individual shirt, and on my end, too much time to ingest that info into a quick-glance table for when it's time to make the order. I chatted with a Shopify advisor, and they said that they don't have anything that will do that natively at this time, and he'd suggest some 3rd party apps, but I thought I'd also try here in case someone has a solution off the top of their head.


I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance! Here's a screenshot of part of my order page: 



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Hi @jazzymaddy,

Consider using the Easify Product Options app to incorporate custom options like logos, rush my order, and notes, etc. for your group shirt products.

Share details about your current product page and how you'd like to handle inventory management, and I'll provide tailored setup suggestions. Alternatively, you can reach out to the Easify team for setup assistance 🤗.

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