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Hey guys,

I personally use oberlo for my shop and everything works great. The only issue I faced is, that you can't really create bundles. I've tried to do some research but only found "combinations" of upsell-bundle apps. I definetly want my customers to be able to simply add 1 bundle to the cart and then provide them with the xy amount of items, without having to do everything manually. Speaking of which, does processing bundle orders manually actually work? (in terms of order confirmation emails, etc.).

I would be very happy if you can share some alternatives with me 🙂


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It depends what kind of bundles you are looking to build. Our app lets you create virtual bundles that are from other products in your store. The user just purchases this bundle as any other product and only sees it in cart. When an order is completed we then convert it into the correct component order lines so you can fulfil as per normal.

Other apps let you build custom product pages where the user can choose between options and those options are then showed in cart so can be processed as normal.



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Hi @AGM 

I believe Bundle Kit does exactly what you need!

Bundle Kit displays bundles as standalone products (with selectable variants) that can be seen in the catalogue.

Additionally, Bundle Kit will list out the individual bundled item SKUs in the bundle order for your ease of fulfilment.

To answer your questions, I would say, managing bundles manually, without Bundle Kit, is time consuming, error-prone and more likely to be more costly. On top of that, Bundle Kit also manages the bundle price & weight automatically.

You can try the app for free at:

Hope this helps!