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Add dropdown menu in klaviyo flow

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Hello everyone, I would like to add a dropdown menu to a klaviyo email message, I have been able to do so, but the button link is not working as they should be.

We would like customer to select the menu option then the button leads to the corresponding link. This is how it currently looks:


Current code for dropdown:


<center><select id="name_b3ak9" name="name_b3ak9">
<option value="=;store_id=161672">Select Plan</option>
<option value=";store_id=161672">Monthly</option>
<option value=";store_id=161672">Every 2 Months</option>
<option value=";store_id=161672">Every 3 Months</option>
</select><input type="button" value="Add to Subscription" /></center>


When I run this code outside of klaviyo, it works as intended so not sure where I am going wrong.

Any help with this would be very much appreciated, thank you!

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