Adding a shipping rate calculator on product page estimated by customer's IP

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Hi guys,

Recently been searching an app/code for showing an estimated rate on the product page (i.e. without the need to proceed to cart/checkout page).
My rationale is very simple - to let all visitors to have an idea on their shipping cost ASAP.
The estimated rate is not necessarily to be precise, I would like it an approximate as to showing a concept of the whole cost.

The closest app I found and had a trial is called "Shipping Rates Calculator Plus", which is nearly perfect - if ZIP code is not compulsorily required.

Given known rates, weight of goods, is it possible by coding (or by any other means), to snatch them together with detected ID and then calculate + showing the estimated rate on product page to visitors?

Thanks in advance for your opinion and help!

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@S_Patrick ,

It should be possible to create a custom on the PDP page, you can either do this individually for each product by adding tag or using metafield or even use the product type 

Either it could be directly added as properties to the product or can be displayed through dynamic calculation based on characteristics.

The above suggestion is based on assumption that you are not looking for an exact answer ( i.e. precise cost)



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Hi Propero,

Thanks for the suggestions. You are right with me only looking for an approximate shipping cost. However, the way you suggested is a manual setting, and is not very convincing to visitors from varying regions, and also did not even consider the amount they are buying.

Say for example, if someone from New Delhi, India is visiting my site, they might first concerning whether it worth to buy things from my site.
I would therefore base on their "question" to set a widget for their checking within a few seconds:
Here are some known-factors:
1. Weight of product I setup
2. Their visiting IP address (from New Delhi in this case)
3. The shipping rate I setup accordingly

So what I am looking is a widget that appears in product page (NOT IN CART PAGE), which is able to snatch the above data for a very quick check to visitors.

Sadly, I am still not able to look for relating codes or apps on this... 
Anyhow, thanks for your suggestion again, and hope this message is able to make clearer of what I needed!

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p.s. My shop is selling textile related product, which makes the shipping rate highly varying according to visitor's order quantity.

For better referencing, welcome to check the detail on 
Thanks again~~~