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I am looking to add an app for recurring payments for subscriptions.  A couple times I have gone out to look at different Apps for my site, It says that that App will have access to and can change any and all information including descriptions, products, orders, etc.  I have immediately closed the app page, never installing anything in fear.

Doesn't this seem pretty dangerous that they could wipe out my entire site or make detrimental changes that I am unaware of?

Please advise.

Thank you for your input.

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This is the way how many Apps works. When you install them they ask permission to access various information of your store through Shopify Admin APIs.

If you are worried, before installing an app read the reviews and choose a valid one.

You can also backup your store data following the Shopify procedure described here: Backups and duplication or install more advanced backup apps from Shopify App Store:

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Thank you for your reply. This information is helpful.
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To add to what  said, apps go through a Shopify review process before getting published. One check from Shopify is to ensure the app only requests for the permissions that are needed for the app to operate, at a minimum. So, the chances of something malicious happening is extremely low.