Adding Bundles in Google Shopping

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Hello, I am creating bundles in google shopping which have one main product with other items included. For example, I am selling a bottle of wine gift pack, which includes a corkscrew, nuts and coasters.

I need to use the is_bundle field on Shopify, but dont see it, or a way to create it.(This is a required field in Google Shopping for bundles).

Any thoughts? I thought about creating a manual feed for my gift sets in excel and manually uploading.

Thanks in advance, Guy

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I have a client with the exact same issue and have not found a solution. 

Currently we have  2 bundles but it is effecting my feed and has gotten both the products delisted. 

We want to add many more bundles but dont want to push our luck and get the account suspended.

I have tried several aproaches inculding the new feed rules. 

I think one potential solution is to creat an XML feed with out the bundled products. Then create a seperate feed with the bundeled products which would not show the variant that has the extra bundled items. 

I have not tried doing it manualy because of the updating issues.

Hope there is a simple solution somewhere but I have been unable to come up with it.

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Hi did you find a solution to add "is_bundle" on the Shopify feed?


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In case anyone else is still looking for this, I came across two possible work arounds to do it:

1. Using a 3rd party app - we use Omega Shopping Feeds and they were able to insert 'is_bundle' based on products being tagged with 'bundle'

2. Create a Feed rule in Google Merchant Center > Products > Feeds > Feed rules, where you could create a rule such as If Google Feed.title contains 'bundle' Set is bundle to Yes