Adding different options--Is there an app that makes this easier?

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I sell DIY Boba /Bubble tea kits. I want to have an option where people can choose 6 different flavors from a drop-down menu. I am having trouble adding 6 different flavors to one item listing.  My basic question is, is there an App that would simplify this process. Thank you for your help. For reference my store is



I have given you by which you can add the mega menu for your store.


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Hi @juliez25!

There are several apps for Shopify that allow you to add product options, but based on what you have described I don't think an additional app is necessary. Shopify's concept of 'variants' should be all you need!

In your case you can use product variants to add an option for "Flavor" to certain products. The actual 'variants' would be the 6 different flavors you want to offer, and each flavor can have its own price, SKU, and image. Most Shopify themes will show variant options in a dropdown menu on the product page, so the customer can select which flavor they want before adding the product to their cart. Most themes will also automatically display the proper variant image after they have made a selection from the dropdown.

You can view an example of variants in action using the demo store for the Debut theme:

Here is a guide from Shopify with more details on how to add variants:

Hopefully this helps!

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