Adjust pricing/discounts based on a visitor's IP Location?

Adjust pricing/discounts based on a visitor's IP Location?

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I'm a developer looking to build Ecommerce solutions. I saw that some stores are offering discounts to lower-income countries, but I have yet to see one that do so based on more precise locations (i.e. different states or cities in U.S.). 

I figured I could automatically fetch the IP location of an anonymous visitor, and trigger a small discount pop-up, only if the visitor is from i.e. Louisiana. Or just display a slightly higher price if the visitor is from NYC. 


Theoretically, this would improve sales volume from less well-off areas, and improve profit margins at more well-off areas. Would any merchants be interested in this app? 

If there's any other perspectives I'd love to know.



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Hi @chef_ludi 
You could possibly utilise an app thats uses Shopify Functions for discounts, which could create an automatic discount based off of the address used in checkout.  However, this discount wouldn't be applied until after they enter their address information.   (Perhaps you could then have a geo popup that checks state/province, and then notifies user that a discount will be applied once in checkout).  

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