Admin links are not displayed on the specific store

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I have several stores in my Shopify Partners account.
I have a custom app built and I've setup admin links for my order page to 'more actions' on several stores, they look like this: 

Issue: On one of the stores for some reason these buttons are not displayed on order view page, even though it seems that everything is the same. It does show on other pages other than the order view, for example on the order list view: 

Please advise what can be the reason it's not shown specifically on the order view page?

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We have exactly the same problem.


For one of our shops, the app's admin link in the order details page does not appear.

Reinstalling the app does not fix the problem.

Adding new admin link extension for the same page, also does not work.

The funny thing is that the other admin link that we have in the product's details page, is working as expected.


It is clearly a problem with Shopify's code.

Any idea where to report the issue ? 🙂