Admin page not working from the app

Admin page not working from the app

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When I access my admin through the app I get the following.  From my mobile phone it goes straight to my drop shipper. I cannot access admin on my phone at all. 

On my s8 ultra tablet when I click on admin it just takes me to the desk top site , which seems to be working properly in desk top view. 

I was using the app on both my mobile phone and tablet with no issues the last month while building a store. It's only started doing this since last night. 

I've contacted shopify but aren't really getting anywhere as yet.

I've tried, clearing my caches and history 

Turning the devices off and on

Deleted the apps and restart 

Changed password and restart

None of the above have worked. 

Anyone else with the same issue?

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Hi @Brendon1ip !


As of now, everything is working fine on my end. There are no admin issues. Try to check if your phone and shopify app is up to date as well. If none worked, then the best course of action is to wait for any response from Shopify support team as you might be having a technical issues.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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Thank you for your help, I've tried all those things but none has helped unfortunately. 

I've contacted Shopyfy but they have been of no support .