Advance Pre Order With Partial Payments

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Hi there,

I'm interested to find an app that provides an option for Advanced Preorder Partial Payments. I found a proposal for an app here, but there are some unanswered questions under the post, and seems like the app does not work.
Well, the posts are from the last year, so I was wondering if it is working now. I wrote to the developers of the app but received a message that the email couldn't be delivered.
So, I decided to ask here whether someone found a working solution.
In my case, I sell handmade products, my webshop is The producers of my products are located in a country other than the one where I sell, and I don't have the goods in stock, so the delivery term is actually "production and delivery time" and is about up to 4-5 weeks.
Considering the upcoming Christmas holidays and the workload for the artists I'm working with, as well as the load of the courier companies during the holiday season, I would like to offer my customers the opportunity for Pre Orders with partial advance payment of 50%. The rest of the amount should be paid when the order is ready to be shipped to the customer.
Does anybody knows such an app or working solution for this case? Also how it should be arranged with the payment providers (I'm using QuickPay)?
Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
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Heya @

We created 2 apps SplitOrder and BackStock preorder splitter to help manage the logistics for preordering..

Anyway, preparations are underway to add a feature called "automatic split payments" which would partially capture authorized payments: an optional amount at POS, and then the remainder upon fulfillment (including partial captures for when carts are mixed)

This works by resetting (in your payment settings) the auto-capture to manual - meaning that the customers card at checkout is authorized for the full amount, but actual capturing (charging) of payments happens as items actually fulfill (so long as its within the authorization window).


Just curious, would you (or anyone else reading this) be interested in that?  If so, please press the like button - and Ill write back when live in the Apps., thanks



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