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Advanced automated export of orders

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I have a coupe of different dropshippers. Some are integrated with automated apps (like printful), but my biggest dropshipper requires a CSV file sent to them everyday, with the orders laid out in a specific way. Unfortunately, it doesn't seems like there is a way of automating this via an order printer or something like that.

So, this is what I do everyday;

  1. Export my open orders
  2. Run an excel macro to make the format fit their system (also connects to another spreadsheet with wholesale prices)
  3. Edit the spreadsheet (when multiple products, I need to copy/paste  the name and address)
  4. Send the CSV file via email

​I would REALLY like to automate that process somehow. It's a big problem for me, because I NEED to be at home, in front of my computer each and everyday to send out these orders (I cannot use another computer because of the macros + pricing sheet).

I was thinking, that maybe there were an app that could make an extra field in my products (with the wholesale price) and another app that could export my orders everyday at 12pm and send them via email (with that extra field included).

I've looked through the app store, but I cannot find anything that does what I need. Can anyone guide me in the right direction?

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Care to share the code you used for the excel macros? So far I cannot find this kind of app as well, so we're manually editing the csv file to fill in the fields.

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Hi, can you share example format excel or CSV their system and pricing sheet with wholesale prices ?
we must good knowledge of your business process