Advanced cash on delivery for India app not working

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I'm unable to upload csv pincodes list. It says processing for hours and doesn't upload. I contacted support twice but they were useless. I contacted them again yesterday but no response yet. It's so frustrating because due to the pandemic i have to keep updating the pincodes list frequently but Shopify is making it impossible and it's affecting my sales as most of my sales come from COD. 

I'm trying to contact them on live chat and email but it's impossible to reach them. I click the "chat with us" and "email" button and it tells me to select a store to get support so I choose my store in the next page, but it takes me to the contact support page. I click the contact shopify button again, choose my store and again it takes me to the contact support page. It goes in circles. Horrible support from Shopify. Has anyone faced the same problem? Can anyone help me out?

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