Advanced membership setup – any app recommendations for these features?

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I'm currently building a new store for a client, and they'd like to offer a monthly members-only subscription with the following perks:

• 48-hour early access to sales
• Automatic 15% off every order at checkout
• Free shipping on all orders
• Annual members-only birthday gift 

I can see us creating unique discount codes for members for the 15% off and free shipping, but ideally they would like for these to be automated. I've looked into Recharge and Bold Memberships for the membership/recurring monthly charge component, but would love to hear of any app recommendations or solutions for keeping this membership as streamlined as possible. Thanks!

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Following! I too, would like to know if there's an app that will have those automated features for recurring services (subscriptions). I'd also like to know if there's an app for free choice of gift each month for subscribers. 

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Hi @lindscholz and @MFEshop,

It's been a couple months since you posted it, but if you're still looking for a membership app that can offer perks in exchange for a recurring membership fee, we just launched Conjured Memberships, which is geared toward exactly the type of membership structure you're talking about. We've worked to include the perks your talking about into our app directly (though it works a bit differently if you're on Shopify Plus vs on Shopify basic due to limitations that Shopify has). We also offer you free assistance in styling the membership landing page and dashboard to match your store's look and feel too if you'd like. Feel free to message me directly or email our team if you have any questions!