Adyen as third party payment processor - what exact credentials are required?

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Hey guys, we're trying to set up Adyen as our 3rd party payment processor in Shopify using Shopify's native functionality which look super simple (we're not building our own plugin). Adyen have been kind of helpful and we believe we've got everything set up in Adyen correctly to allow us to have Shopify payments processed but whenever we try to place and order we're getting a "401 HTTP Status response - Unauthorized" error (see screenshot).


Our Merchant Account in Adyen is set up with a webservice user with the correct permissions including PCI but nothing we try in the fields that Shopify presents works.


So my question is: "what exactly do we have to pass into the three fields (Username, Password, Merchant Account) in Shopify when setting up Adyen?"


We've tried so many combinations of credentials to get it working including the full username of the webservice user in Adyen, a shortened version that omits the @Company.[yourCompanyAccount], API key as the password, Basic Auth password as the password, Client key as the password, the Merchant Account the webservice user is created on, our overall company account in Adyen.


Nothing seems to be working so I need to find out exactly what is expected in these fields. Also if anyone also knows what exact API call Shopify is making through that native integration maybe Adyen can get a better idea.


Abandoned-Checkout error details.png

Shopify Adyen Credentials.png

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For anyone having the same issue I have got this working. I'm not entirely sure how but as there's such little info about it and a couple of community posts with no solution here's what the fields require exactly and what seemed to get it working for us.


Username: this is your Adyen webservice username in full (e.g. ws_123456@Company.YourCompanyAccount

Password: This is the Basic Auth password you can generate for the webservice user, NOT the API Key

Merchant Account: This is the Merchant Account the webservice user is created for, not your Company Account (e.g. YourCompanyAccountECOM, NOT YourCompanyAccount). You're able to see this in the webservice user API Credentials section at the bottom of the page under 'Accounts'.


Now I tried all sorts of combinations including those correct ones but all to no avail. What got it working I'm not sure but this is what I did immediately before in this specific order:


  • Accessed the webservice user in Developers > API Credentials
  • Copied the webservice username
  • Generated a new API key and copied it
  • Generated a new Basic Auth key and copied it
  • Scrolled down to 'Accounts', expanded that section, copied the name of the account
  • Hit Save
  • Headed into Shopify Admin > Settings > Payments Adyen Manage
  • Pasted the details mentioned above (specifically with Basic Auth as the password, NOT API Key)
  • Hit Save

I then made an order and tried a payment and it worked.