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Affiliate/Fundraising app

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Can someone recommend an app that will be best suited for my requirements below?

I dont expect to find an app that will meet 100% of the requirements but at least get me close…

  1. Salesperson sends their custom link to an athlete to fill out registration form
  2. Registration form creates a promo code based off of athletes first name, middle initial and last name
  3. Athlete gets an auto “Thank you for registering” email with their custom promo code and pre-written email template that they can customize.
  4. Athlete shares their custom promo code. 
  5. People use a promo code to buy products
  6. Athlete & sales person gets a flat rate pre-designated per product when people buy with their custom promo code
  7. Products payout a different flat rate to the salesperson and athlete
  8. Promo code pays salesperson and athlete automatically/manually whenever it is used.

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I am looking for something like this too