Affiliate Program Apps with API

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Looking for an affiliation program app that would work with my current setup:


We use Shopify to manage Orders and Products.


We have a separate backend and frontend for our website, our backend handles all logic like discounts, carts etc. Our cart is basically a draft_order in shopify and we complete checkout by completing the draft_order to convert that in to an order.


We are looking for an affiliate program app where we can store the cookie from the generated link and pass the order_id, and the cookie directly to the affilate program app so it knows which order is being created through which program. Or any other way we can communicate directly with the app without using shopify checkout.


Does such an app exist?

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Hi, @matthew__m 

Are you considering developing a custom app to meet your needs.

If this is helpful, please Like and Accept the solution.
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Hello @Kyle_liu 


Would prefer to avoid developing from scratch if there is an existing solution we buy to and integrate with.

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Dont think such an app exists. Would love to custom develop it for you. Drop an email at Let’s talk more