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We are looking for an app to accomplish a unique scenario in regards to our affiliate/influencer relationships.  Basically, we issue discount codes to our brand ambassadors and they in turn give those out to their followers.  When their followers make a purchase we need to track it so that we can see how many sales each brand ambassador has referred. Now, instead of paying them in dollars we would like to reward them with "points" that they can use to buy from our store. So, for example influencer A promotes our brand to her followers. She gives them a unique discount code. That promotion generates $500 in sales to our Shopify store. Influencer A accumulates 50 points into her account. Influencer A can then go onto our shopify store and checkout using her points instead of regular payment, or use her points to pay for partial total etc.

Does anyone know of an apps that does anything like this? Or are we asking too much?

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@worthyking Our brand new app EasyAccounts can achieve this with the issuance of Store Credits, rather than Rewards Points if that is something that might work for you.

Essentially, through the Promotions tool, you can set up a Rewards program for your brand ambassadors to earn as they go, whenever a purchase is made through their unique affiliate link.

Please let me know how things look here if you take a look. Our team is available to hop on a Zoom call or help with onboarding in any way we can.



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@Tim_Gist Thanks. Your app looks interesting, but not sure if it's what we're after.  I might give it a try to see how it works, but it's a long shot (we have an aversion to using apps that have usage fees in addition to monthly charges).

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Hey, @worthyking. (Cool username!)

I’m here to help. Thanks @Tim_Gist for chiming in. 

Thanks for your question and for your example and details. This is helpful.

I read that you want to give your affiliates or influencers points after they offer a discount to your store to their followers, and not offer commission. You also want to have tracking available to track your referrals. Is that right? 

If that is, I did some digging and I believe that most apps from the App Store will offer a commission-based reward. I am not sure if they will offer reward points as a reward, so I recommend looking at the documentation from the specific app you wish to use or reaching out to the third-party developer to ask if they can assist with providing guidance on what you want to do.

We have a great blog post: The Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up an Affiliate Program for Your Shopify Store that you might find helpful. This blog post covers how you can create your own affiliate program using apps, where you can find affiliates and how you can manage affiliates.

Here is an excerpt from the “How to create an affiliate program with Shopify apps” section with some app ideas:

1. Refersion

Refersion is an incredibly powerful referral platform. With over 100 reviews and a five star rating, it’s certainly one of the apps you’ll want to checkout. Best of all, it scales with your business. Start out on a free trial on their professional plan, and as you see the need to expand your affiliate offerings, upgrade to an Enterprise plan.

2. LeadDyno

Another popular affiliate marketing app is LeadDyno. LeadDyno integrates with your Shopify store with just a few clicks, and is highly customizable. Pay your affiliates automatically or with "one-click" approval using PayPal, Dwolla or even Coinbase. LeadDyno totals and pays out affiliate commissions for you on the fly.

3. Omnistar

With thousands of business owners using Omnistar as their preferred affiliate software, they’re for sure a platform you won’t want to skip when doing your initial testing. With big clients like Macy's and Cisco, you know the software has to be good. You can get started with a 15 day free trial to play around with Omnistar.

These apps are developed by third-party developers, should you have any questions, please reach out to the third-party developer by using the information underneath the “Support” section of the app’s page.

I would also love to know, why is it important to provide reward points for your store, instead of dollars? 

Tira | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @worthyking, I'm Neomi from,

We specialized in gift card & loyalty store credit solutions,

It seems that our referral solution will be a good fit for your needs,


You can generate a unique referral link to each influencer, anyone who makes a purchase using this link will receive a discount (automatically with no need to insert a discount code),

The influencer will receive store credit rewards - it can be as a fixed amount or as a percentage of cart value (you can also limit it to a threshold cart size).

The store credit is stackable and will accumulate into the customer account, you can track each influencer in their customer tag in our dashboard.
Learn more about our referral solution - 

check out our listing page and feel free to reach out at

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@Neomi_av Thanks for your suggestion. We checked out your app and it looks interesting, however our company policy dictates that we do not use apps whose pricing model is based on a percentage of our sales (or similar scheme). It appears that your app charges 20 cents per "order", but doesn't specify exactly how that is defined. Is that per order checking out with store credits? Or ALL orders in our entire Shopify store?

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Hi @worthyking, thanks for checking Rise,

You can see the full pricing explanation here,

Hope everything is clear,

If you have more questions reach out at

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Hi @worthyking,

With UpPromote: Affiliate marketing, we have Store Credit method. By choosing Store Credit as a payment method, you can send commission to affiliate in form of Store discount coupon, which can not be directly withdrawn in form of money, your affiliate can only use the coupon to buy product in your shop.

Tips: You can create multi-programs in which one program is with normal payment methods and the other is only paid with Store credit for Converted customer. This way you can make sure your converted customer will stay as loyal customers.


Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 22.39.00.png

Besides, the app also allows affiliates to generate coupon on their own, you can allow self-generate coupon while setting up Store credit. By turning this setting on, affiliate's commission will be paid and accumulated in a Store credit wallet, the affiliate can generate their coupon any time with any value.

You can set up the maximum and minimum redeemable amount of a coupon an affiliate can create:




For example, if the affiliate enters 100$ to generate a coupon, a coupon will be auto-generated on your Shopify Discount section, the affiliate can copy the coupon and use it on the checkout page to save 100$ on his/her purchase:



For further information, you can consult here:


I hope my recommendation will be helpful for you. Be patient with your business and good luck!

All the bests,

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

Build. Manage. Succeed with Affiliate Marketing

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Hello @worthyking, I hope you are doing well! You can install the all-in-one app AiTrillion. You can achieve this with the help of the app AiTrillion. 

If you have any questions or need help with the setup, feel free to contact at AiTrillion provides free app setup to its customers. 


Have a great day!




Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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Hi @worthyking,


I'd like to suggest ConvertOut. Payments are not made automatically in this app. You must manually pay the ambassador. You may pay your ambassador in whatever way you wish; the app only keeps track of the payments. If you wish to pay using a gift card, for example, you can utilize the prompt "Enter your gift card email."


Install it for free here if you want to give it a try.