Agora App Amazon Tool - Edited Buy Button text, incorrect translation- how to fix issue I Dawn Theme

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Dear Community,

I have recently downloaded the Agora App Amazon Affiliate Tool, to integrate Amazon products to my store.

All in all it works great! However I am experiencing difficulties with the translation of the buy button text.


Previously, the  buy button said "Jetzt personalisieren" which correctly translates into "personalize now". But now that I have changed the button text to say "Jetzt zu Amazon", which should translate into "Go to Amazon now", the english translation still shows "personalize now" and hasn't adjusted. How can I adjust the translation to the newly edited buy button text ? I have checked my Localisation/ Language App, but the text in question is nowhere to be found and edited. And the Agora App its self, only allows me to edit the main button text, but not Its translation. Please view the images attached. I am using the Dawn Theme & this is my store url:

You will find the products and button text in question through Home Page > JIC x Amazon Phone Cases


Note: Only the buy button text of Agora Amazon products affected, changes should only apply there!


I am looking forward to possible solutions and support and am really appreciative of all help, but please do not contact me on Instagram.


Kind regards,



Current menu button text (correct):

Bildschirmfoto 2023-03-27 um 06.18.33.png

The english translation of the button text (incorrect): should say "Go to Amazon now" 

Bildschirmfoto 2023-03-27 um 06.18.07.png

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