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AI-powered product recommendations

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Hello everyone! My name is Michael, you may have seen me around here before from my time at After 2 amazing years at Helium, I've moved onto a new venture with

This is an exciting week because today - on my second day of work - the Skafos Product Finder app was featured by Shopify in the App Store!

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The app offers AI-powered product recommendations, which is particularly effective for merchants with large catalogs. The app is great because:

1. You don't have to spend days or weeks configuring a complex product quiz/questionnaire
2. Your customer can easily find the products they love with simple "like/dislike" interactions.

Better recommendations, less scrolling, more conversions!

Try the app for free or hit me up if you have any questions.

Michael, Growth & Partnerships @ (Formerly, Helium)
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