AI Solutions For Your E-Commerce Business - Upsells, Bundles, Recommendations and more!

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Hello everyone! 

We hope everyone is having a great year of sales and growth - and to help with that we wanted to introduce our apps: Simile


Simile has a variety of solutions for common e-commerce problems, such as:

1) AI powered search and filters (your customers will be able to search for products using their own uploaded images!)

2) Similar Upsell (helps your store drive more sales through AI powered recommendations.)

3) Personalization Suite (offer your customers dynamic AI powered personalization!)

4) Smart Bundles (automate your "frequently bought together" bundles!)


Our apps have great reviews and our average rating is 4.6. 


We hope that you give our apps a try and if our solutions aren't perfectly suited to your store - do not hesitate to reach out to our devs and maybe we can create a custom solution for you!

Happy selling! 
Simile Team

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