Alibaba Dropshipping App not working

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I'm having an issue installing the Alibaba Dropshipping app. I even contacted their customer support, and they tell me to contact Shopify. I have no idea how to do this. There is no live chat option with Shopify.


Pictures of the issue and conversation with Alibabas customer support:


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I contacted both Shopify and Alibaba. Alibaba allegiantly sent it to a higher team to contact Shopify. Shopify themselves said they are reviewing Alibaba and that this proses usually takes 5-10 days.

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The app is not able to be installed, there's something Shopify is reviewing before they allow it to be installed. The app developer will be able to give you the reason why (Shopify might, but their support likely won't disclose that to you).


There's nothing you can do on your end, you just have to wait for the app developer to finish making their changes, and the app to finish being reviewed by Shopify.

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Have you checked out any alternatives during the outage?


We have a product sourcing solution you may be interested in, DropCommerce.


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