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All in one -App Widget Solution

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I am here to find the entrepreneurs who can be early adopters for our all in one store widget plugin- ProfitJS and provide us further feedback. I am Nik from Konigle. Our mission at Konigle is to help entrepreneurs like you run profitable businesses. We serve 100’s of traditional business owners and have helped them improve profits.

Interacting with Shopify business owners to understand how we can help you all start improving profits we realized the app store has a lot of widgets to help improve the store conversions but all these apps are independent. This has some advantages but also some disadvantages.

Advantages -

  1. Each app is focused on a task and potentially great at that one thing.
  2. Some of these apps are installed on 1000’s of shopify stores and have many reviews.

Disadvantages -

  1. Each app installs a separate javascript which slows down the store and defeats the original purpose of having more conversions - as a slow website has huge drop off rates and causing you to lose money on your ad spend.
  2. Each widget being a separate app needs to be managed separately.
  3. There is no single dashboard to take advantage of combined analytics to understand how visitors on your website are using various widgets and your store in general.
  4. We saw most of these widgets are not deeply integrated workflows and hence need you to pair them with other widgets to work.
  5. We saw quite a many stores with broken widgets as with more moving parts you have more points of failure.
  6. ++ adding so many widgets is expensive. Most store owners told us that so many widgets add up to become very costly.

To fix all of this and make it truly valuable for you all we worked on the first version of the ProfitJS app which launches with three useful widgets (we are adding more widgets, better themes every week).

At launch you can enable the Exit Intent Popup widget or what you would otherwise call an abandonment protector. As soon as a visitor looks to abandon your website - ProfitJS pops up an email form - which you can customize to your brand colors  and messaging within minutes.
Moreover you can set up sophisticated discount coupon rules and ProfitJS automatically creates the discount coupon inside Shopify and emails it to the visitor’s email, The email can also be customized.

This is helpful in converting potentially lost visitors to customers.

Apart from the above - we also have a Social proof widget that shows recent buys with an add to cart button and for new stores, randomly shows products from your catalog to capture the attention of visitors and improve sales. We also have the classic messenger widget where you can add whatsapp button and others to answer customer queries and convert inquiries to sales.

All of the above has analytics baked in and profitJS tells you how visitors are interacting with your widgets, so that you can further fine tune and run campaigns.

The app is here :

 Would love to hear the views of the community and understand if such a solution is helpful. We encourage the shopify stores to give us a try and share their feedback with us and in case they want some enhancement , we would love to hear them out as well.

 Thanks for being awesome and looking forward for the support!!...  Really want to understand if such a solution will be helpful for the shopify stores...

Best Regards...

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As a Shopify partner and store developer, I have found the profitJS app a true joy to use.

1. It is quick to customize.
2. Excellent support.
3. I can improve campaign outcomes by improving the chances of customers interacting and buying.
4. No need to juggle many apps
5. Website also does not slow

I now use it on all my customer websites. 

P.S: Even for wordpress!